email notes from Tom Page.

Brookfield AFS, OH
UFO incident on TV

The following two photos clipped from a video at

When I was on my road trip this past week [Feb 1999], I had stopped for the night Tuesday night, I think and turned on the TV set. I was flipping though the channels and came across a show on UFO`s, I think on NBC. I sometimes watch these types of shows just for the fun of it. Anyway, one of the segments involved reports of lights in the sky over Trumbull County, Ohio. I remembered that this is where Brookfield AFS was located. Then, in a supposed recreation of events, they showed police from Brookfield Township pursuing the lights. I was thinking, wouldn`t it be neat if there was a view of the old radar station in the background. Then the police car stops, and behind it was a house that looked like one of the AF station housing units. Nah, I figured that it was a long shot that this actually the site, when the policeman said, "I wanted a better view, so I climbed to the top of the old Air Force radar tower" (or something like that). I couldn`t believe it the next scene showed him climbing up the actual gap-filler radar tower! The tower, with radome, still looks like it did in my picture from 1983 (except this was a night-time view, with the tower and dome illuminated). When they show the rerun, and they always show the rerun, I suggest you watch, just for that segment. If nothing else, it does give a good view of the tower. [The show is also good for a laugh.]

-- Tom