OTH-F (440L)

(Over-The-Horizon, Forwardscatter)

OTH-F was an `ancestor` of the OTH-B system. We have very little information on these, only the locations, shown below:

OTH-F Receiver Sites (each with AN/FSQ-76):
R-1 Cyprus
R-2 San Vito, Italy
R-3 Aviano, Italy
R-4 Rothwesten, Germany
R-5 Feltwell, England
OTH-F Transmitter Sites (each with AN/FRT-80):
T-1 Wallace AS, P.I.
T-2 Awase, Okinawa
T-3 Tokorozawa, Japan (Hq. site for Asian operations)
T-4 Chitose, Japan