Bendix built this long-range DEW-Line search radar that was originally termed the "Sentinel" radar. Once planned as a replacement for all AN/FPS-19 DEW-Line radars, the AN/FPS-30 was installed only at the four Greenland "DYE" radar stations. It operated at 570 to 630 MHz.

Its peak power was 150 kW, and its average power was 3 kW. The AN/FPS-30 radar`s pulse-repetition frequency (PRF) was 500 pulses/sec., and the antenna aperture was 45 ft. x 25 ft. The transmitter output tube was a Klyston with 62-dB gain (this Klystron power amplifier was later adapted for the Raytheon-built AN/FPS-28 frequency-diversity air-defense search radar).

Source: Lincoln Laboratory Journal, Volume 12, Number 2.2000, page 193.

AN/FPS-30 Feedhorn

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