AN/FPS-115, AN/FPS-120, AN/FPS-123, AN/FPS-126

Raytheon builds the AN/FPS-115 "PAVE PAWS" phased-array missile-warning radars first deployed during the early 1980s. These ninety-foot diameter circular-panel radars are mounted on two walls of a triangular-shaped pyramid structure. The antennas are designed to operate at a frequency of 420 to 450 MHz. "PAVE PAWS" radars reportedly can detect targets at ranges approaching 3,000 miles. There were originally four continental United States (CONUS) sites. Two of the original CONUS sites -- Cape Cod AFS, MA, and Beale AFB, CA -- are still in operation, and their radars were recently upgraded to the higher-power, more-capable AN/FPS-123 model. The other two CONUS sites -- Robins AFB, GA, and Eldorado AFS, TX -- have now ceased operations. The radar from Eldorado AFS was relocated to Clear AFS, AK, replacing the older BMEWS radar there. The Clear AFS "PAVE PAWS" radar also has been upgraded to the AN/FPS-123 model. Similar "PAVE PAWS" radars replaced the BMEWS radars at Thule AB, Greenland, and at RAF Fylingdales, UK. Thule AB received an AN/FPS-120 model, while RAF Fylingdales received an AN/FPS-126 model. The AN/FPS-126 is unique, having three radar faces, while the AN/FPS-120 and AN/FPS-123 each have two radar faces.

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The AN/FPS-120, AN/FPS-123, and AN/FPS-126 are all upgraded versions of the original AN/FPS-115 `PAVE PAWS` phased-array radar.

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