This Raytheon-built Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) was used by the FAA Authority Radar beginning in 1958. It operated on a L-band frequency of 1280 to 1350 MHz with a maximum range of 200 miles.

Site pictured is Richmond AFS, FL (Z-210).


Developed by Raytheon in the 1960s as a replacement for the ARSR-1, this radar also operated in the L-band and had a similar maximum range to the ARSR-1.

ARSR-3, 3D

This Westinghouse-built search radar was used by the FAA in the Joint Surveillance System (JSS). The radar operated in the L-band at 1250 to 1350 MHz and detected targets at a distance beyond 240 miles. The D model had height-finder capability.

Site pictured is Riverhead/Suffolk, Long Island, NY.


The FAA began installing this Westinghouse-(now Northrop-Grumman)-built 3-D air surveillance radar in the 1990s for the JSS system. By the late 1990s, this radar had replaced most of the 1960s-vintage AN/FPS-20 variant search radars and a number of ARSR-3 search radars under a project termed the "FAA/Air Force Radar Replacement" (FARR) program.

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Site pictured is Gibbsboro AFS joint-use site, NJ.

Site is Jedburg, SC. Photo from 84th Radar Eval. Sqdn.