Greenland and Iceland AC&W Sites

The following table lists only the AC&W Radar sites located in Greenland and Iceland. It does not list any DEW line sites. For a more-complete look at the former DEW Line, see Larry Wilson's DEW web site at URL

Another interesting link is the Navy IDF link at

Hq. Air Forces Iceland

USAF Keflavik Radar Site History Page

Site Name Site Number Squadron Radar
BMEWS Site 1, Thule, GL   12 MWS AN/FPS-49, AN/FPS-50 1961    
Etah, GL G-33 931 Det1 TPS-1D (2) 01-Oct-53    
Hofn AS, IS H-3 933 / 667 FPS-3; FPS-20A / FPS-93A; FPS-6 1951;1961 *    
Ice Cap, GL G-34 931 Det2 TPS-1D (2) 01-Oct-53    
Keflavik NAS Lashup, IS H-1 932 TPS-1B; TPS-3A      
Keflavik NAS ROCC, IS   932 ACS   circa 1984    
Keflavik NAS, IS H-1' 932   1992    
Langanes AS', IS H-2' 667   1992    
Langanes AS, IS H-2 667 FPS-3; FPS-20 / FPS-66 1951    
Latrar AFS, IS H-4' 934   1992 *    
Rockville AS, IS H-1 932 TPS-1B; FPS-3; FPS-20A / FPS-93A; FPS-6 (2) 1951    
Straumnes AS, IS H-4 934 FPS-3; FPS-8; FPS-4 1951; 1992 *    
Thule AFB, GL G-32 931 FPS-3; FPS-4; FPS-20A; FPS-6 08-Nov-52