Air Defense Radar Stations

Information for Vincent AFB, Yuma, AZ

Latitude: 32-39-15 N, Longitude: 114-35-28 W

Perm ID Sage ID JSS ID Unit Location Early
SM-162 Z-162   864 Vincent AFB, Yuma, AZ MPS-7; MPS-14   1956 01-Aug-63 Base collocated with Yuma Airport and Yuma MCAS. A new SAGE radar site (RSM-162 / Z-162) was being built south of the MCAS, but was not completed due to squadron deactivation.
M-128C / SM-162H       Topock, AZ         Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant. Located alongside National Old Trails Road, south of Franconia, AZ.
M-128D / SM-162I       Poston, AZ         Gap-Filler Annex. The LRR facility was originally constructed for the Colorado War Relocation Camp to house Japanese during WWII. However, apparently was never activated as an AC&W radar station. Instead, gap-filler radar site M-128D / SM-162I was built here (but was not activated).
SM-162A       Tacna, AZ FPS-14   May-58 Dec-60 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant. Located atop Radar Hill on Wellton Mesa, west-southwest of Tacna.
SM-162B       Corn Springs, CA         Gap-Filler Annex. Demolished. Only the building's concrete pad and three radar-tower foundations/footings remain.
SM-162C       Stone Cabin, AZ FPS-18   Feb-59 Dec-60 Gap-Filler Annex. Building is still extant. Located just north of the US Army's Yuma Proving Grounds, off US Rte 95.
SM-162D       Palo Verde, CA         Gap-Filler Annex.
SM-162F       Cactus City, CA **         ** Gap-Filler Annex. In original ADC plans, but never was built
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