Recent Photos of Truax Field, WI (DC-7/CC-2)

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Looking West

GATR Site, Looking North

Truax Housing Annex
Contributed by Scott Murdock

Contributed by Ronald G Plante


Contributed by David Anderson

David writes:
The building is presently owned and occupied by Covance Labs and in the photographs below, you will see the original SAGE building (large box-shape) with attached buildings erected by Covance.

From, contributed by Ronald G Plante

Note: The caption of the above photo is somewhat in error. In this case, specifically, the 4-story blockhouse on the left (south) was the SAGE Combat Direction Center (DC-7), which operated the AN/FSQ-7 "SAGE Combat Direction Central" {computer}. The 3-story blockhouse on the right (north) was the SAGE Combat Control Center (CC-2), which operated the AN/FSQ-8 SAGE "Combat Control Central" {computer}.