Recent photos of Topsham AFS, ME

SAGE Site - looking West

The following three photos are of the demolition of the SAGE blockhouse at Topsham, August 1985. Contributed by Gary Crittenden

G. Crittenden & J. Schwartz in front of the Bank Mud and the wrecker's ball

April 2001 photos and notes contributed by Tom Page from the "New" Tour, 2001

The former Topsham AFS — now Topsham Annex to NAS Brunswick — is about five road miles west of the Naval Air Station. From the main gate of NAS Brunswick, turn right. At the first intersection, turn left, and get onto US Rte 1 South. Take the first exit, and turn right at the second light. At the blinking light, turn right; this is the annex. The SAGE blockhouse is no longer extant; it was located just past the local library.

A general view of the former Air Force Station (looking northwest). The SAGE DC blockhouse, no longer extant, was off to the left (west).

Another general view of the former Air Force Station (looking north).

The flat, bare area in the foreground is where the SAGE DC blockhouse used to stand. The diesel power plant was to the right (northeast). [Looking north.]

Another view of the former SAGE DC blockhouse area (looking southeast). The “man-hole” cover seen at the far right had “Telephone” stamped on top. The base family housing area, now an annex to NAS Brunswick, is just beyond the trees. Also, the GATR site was on the ridge behind the housing area, but the road was barricaded. [The GATR site was originally part of the 654th Radar Squadron at Brunswick AFS, but was reassigned to air division at Topsham AFS when the 654th RADS was deactivated.]

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This fire-lookout tower is (was) located on Mt. Ararat at Topsham AFS, ME, the same ridge where its GATR Site was situated.