McChord AFB, WA (AC&W Radar Site, P-1)

NOTE: The cantonment/barracks area shown below is now the McChord AFB Museum

Barracks area - looking North

Barracks area - looking East

Barracks area - looking South

Barracks area - looking West

Radar Ops - looking North

Radar Ops - looking East

Radar Ops - looking South

Radar Ops - looking West

April 2004 photos & notes contributed by Western Air Defense Sector (WADS) Historical Office

Current View of McChord's Area D looking northwest. While there are several 1400-series buildings in the area all are of relatively recent construction.

McChord's Air Freight Terminal dominates the former radar site.

January, 2003 photos contributed by Mark Morgan, Radomes Staff

Bldg. 517 - Former barracks, now McChord Air Museum. Shows old Control Tower cab.

Bldg. 518 - Former mess hall, now 62nd Engineering Services Flight

Bldg. 551 - Former power plant, now Relocation/Airman's Attic

Bldg. 552- Former radar ops building, current Base Housing Office. This building, along with others in the 635th AC&W/25th AD compound have been "beautified" by the addition of ridged roofs, windows and porticos. This building originally had three (3) doors and no windows and was a rather dull grey in color.

Bldg. 552 - Another view of the former radar ops building, now Harborstone Credit Union

July 2001 photos and notes by Tom Page

Once home to the 635th AC&W Squadron (ADC), the radar site is mostly gone. Only a few traces of the radar installation remain. This photo shows the former barracks area. [looking west-southwest]