Recent Photos of Lyndonville AFS, VT

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Winter scenes from

FPS-6 tower

FPS-27 tower interior

View from the FPS-27 tower


Sept 2007 photos, source:

Radar-Ops area

Cantonment area

June 2004 photos, source:

Radar site on the mountaintop in the distance

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October 2002 photos contributed by Jim Lowe

Unloading Wind towers top side

Looking toward helicopter pad top side

Inside radar operations building

Radar tower

Back side of Radar Ops


Inside Orderly room

Rec. Hall

NCO Barracks

Mess Hall

Inside Mess Hall

Motor Pool Office

Radar Site old road in Victory had been re-opened

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Summer 1998 photos and notes by Bob DeVarney

The Lyndonville AFS made NATIONAL news when it was closed, as the power poles and lines were donated to the town of Victory, VT (popluation 26 as of 1980 census) so the town could have power for the first time. This was in 1963!!

It has been owned by one Ed Sawyer, of Lyndonville, VT since being sold by GSA in 1963. He had some problems with local hooligans over the years. At one point this culminated in a gun battle between Ed and his wife, and the hooligans. COnsequently, his wife will never go up topside again.

The housing area (off-base) is currently in use, in fact, the town of East Haven has grown up around it. The cantonment areas and "topside" tower areas are still pretty much intact. The GSA sold the site in 1963 for something like $42,000.00 to Sawyer, and he reportedly made his money back on cable pulled up out of the ground. Some of the building have been dismantled partially, mostly just sections of sheet steel have been removed.

The site is definitely driveable, although perhaps not right at the moment ;-)

A local author, Archer Mayor has written a detective novle in which part of the action takes place there. The book is called "The Disposable Man" and is quite a good book if you like detective novels (I do).

Bob DeVarney, WE1U ARRL Vermont Section Manager
43 West Milton Rd, Milton VT 05468

House For Sale
From an article in "Yankee" Magazine, c. 1990
The stone road sign (lower photo) is a bit of a enigma for me. It was tipped over; I propped it up to take that picture. Not sure what the numbers mean.
The long low cement building was rec center. I assume there was a small stage. The lower picture is of one of the barracks (guy in blue t-shirt)... this was the one Sawyer and his wife lived in for a while. I am assuming it was trashed by the local hooligans.
The photo showing topside (lower) was taken from the cantonment area. Most of the time, topside is hidden in the clouds, at least most every time I've been there. The road to topside was very steep, and often closed in winter. It was only one lane wide, so trips wer scheduled accordingly. Apparently, they used an "Oshkosh" to keep the road plowed, and even this had a hard time keeping up with the Vermont snow. The cantonment buildings were apparently painted bright colors to help with finding them during the winter ;-)
The low, long building with the trash bags in the foreground was the computer area, and also a dining hall annex. Meals were served there from 0400 to 0500, 1130 to 1230, and 2000 to 2100.