Larson AFB, WA Recent Photos

2009 photos of the Larson AFB GATR site contributed by Brian Sewell

Brian writes:
I was out on a drive around the back side of the base. I turned onto Rd 10 NE off of Stratford Rd and no more than 500 yards down the road I found the GATR site behind a house. So with my cell phone camara I took 2 pictures (The only ones I could get). The port of Moses Lake controls the area. Runway 32R is at the other end of the site.

This is an aerial photo of what was once the Spokane Air Defense Sector (SPADS) SAGE Direction Center at the former Larson AFB, Washington

This is an artists conception of the remodeled SAGE DC.

The photo below was taken on 10 Mar 01 by David Dorman

The building has only within the last couple of years been converted to civilian use. The company that either owns or leases the building is "Titan" a company who provides secure off-sire storage of business records - a perfect use for the building. Luckily nothing has been disturbed at the site including the security fence. I did notice what seemed like newer style microwave dishes on the building, maybe the reason the building was not converted was that the FAA and military still used it for a communications relay site???

The photo below, taken at another angle on 05 Apr 03, is from Dick Hazelmyer, SSgt (Ret), USAF

The following two photos were from another contributor:

Here is an aerial view (looking south) of the former Larson AFB, WA. Based upon the "TerraServer" imagery, the old SAGE DC blockhouse is located within the group of buildings seen at roughly the 2:00 position w.r.t. the runways.