Recent Photos of Havre AFS, MT

September 2007 photos contributed by Henry Brand

St Johns - turnoff from Wild Horse Rd to Base Rd

Site from Base Rd - FPS-27 - Block House - Motor Pool

Wind turbines - Motor Pool

FPS-27 Tower

Guardians - FPS-27 Tower

Power Plant

SweetGrass - from Base Rd

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Photo source:

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One of two wind turbines built by Anchor Academy students stands tall on the grounds of the old air base north of Havre. The Anchor Academy purchased the land about four years ago.

Photos below contributed by Greg Manns

Photos below contributed by Jim Muse ; taken in the summer, 2000

This is a shot taken from in front of the old blockhouse (or what is left of it). This would be looking directly westward down what was the main street.

Similar location and direction to the photo above.

The Ops Blockhouse as it looks today.

This is the last barracks built on the site. It was erected something in 1958 or 1959. It was the only single story barracks on the site. This is what it looks like today.

This one was taken from the old receiver site location which was in the SW corner of the installation. You are looking NNE directly toward the block house.

This picture was taken from the road leading to the site. This would be looking directly toward the south. As you can see now, most of the buildings we knew are non-existent.

Photos below contributed by Jim Muse ; taken in the mid-1980s

Looking west

Taken from one of the towers and is looking towards NNW. The buildings to the left are the dependent housing units.

Looking toward the SSW.

Looking SSE.