The 14th Missile Warning Squadron (ADCOM)

The 14th MWS, headquartered at MacDill AFB, FL (originally under the 14th Aerospace Force headquartered at Ent AFB, CO), at one time operated radars at eight (8) different, geographically-separated locations. Beginning in 1966/1967, seven of the sites operated the AN/FSS-7 ("Fuzzy-7") missile-warning radar, modified from the AN/FPS-26 height-finder radar made by Avco. The other radar was the prototype AN/FPS-49 missile-warning radar built and operated by RCA at Moorestown, NJ. The radars, in addition to their primary mission of detecting and tracking intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM`s) and sea-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM`s), all had a secondary mission of tracking satellites that passed overhead. The 14th MWS was eventually reassigned to SAC (circa 1978) before its inactivation in the early 1980`s. The eight 14th MWS detachments -- tenants of the respective host radar squadron -- were as follows:

Detachment 1, 14 MWS -- Moorestown, NJ
Detachment 2, 14 MWS -- Mount Hebo AFS, OR (Z-100)
Detachment 3, 14 MWS -- Mill Valley AFS, CA (Z-38)
Detachment 4, 14 MWS -- Mount Laguna AFS, CA (Z-76)
Detachment 5, 14 MWS -- Fort Fisher AFS, NC (Z-115)
Detachment 6, 14 MWS -- Charleston AFS, ME (Z-65)
Detachment 7, 14 MWS -- MacDill AFB, FL (Z-129)
Detachment 8, 14 MWS -- Laredo AFS, TX (Z-230)