Findings of Fact, Site Location, and Information on Gettysburg AFS Z-99 (M-99), based on information provided by US Army Corps of Engineers Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) document B08SD0357 of 1993

Site Location

2 miles north of Gettysburg, Potter County, SD

Site History and Findings of Fact

Between March 1954 and September 1962, a total of 41.61 acres were acquired for constructing and operating Gettysburg Air Force Station Z-99. Improvements constructed between 1955 through 1959 included operational and administrative buildings, dormitories, a dining hall and maintenance shops. DOD announced on 13 May 1968 that the site was scheduled for inactivation, and it was declared excess to GSA on February 1969. 1.11 acres were transferred to the FAA on July 1969 with agreements for joint use access easement and reserved use and occupancy of various improvements (not identified in the report). The FAA, at the time of the 1993 report, conducted long-range radar operations seven days a week on the 1.11 acre site, using an FPS-27 Radar Tower structure. According to FAA personnel, some buildings had been removed from the remainder of the site; however, two radar tower bases, the auto maintenance shop, recreation multipurpose building, mess hall, and dormitories remained. FAA personnel reported the former auto maintenance shop and dining hall had been rented to local residences and for car body repair work. They also reported the current owners had resided in the recreation multipurpose building for a short time. Local residents indicated remaining structures were used by the current landowner to store machinery, surplus Army equipment, and other miscellaneous items. The remainder of the property was used for storage by a private landowner, and occasionally for grazing

Site Map

A Site Map depicting the station and `SAGE-GATR communications facility annex` is included in the report. The GATR is located due east of the Air Force Station, and the 1.11-acre site operated by the FAA is located on the north edge of the station.