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12/24/2014 18:00:24

Name: Harold Booker
Email: bookerharold AT

I spent 5years on the DEWLine (1959-1964) this included time on the Canadian as well as Greenland DEWEast. This was followed by a couple of years at the BMEWS site in England. I am currently spending 6 months in Connecticut and 6 months in Florida. I wonder if any old DEWLiners or BMEWS Personnel around would like to try for a reunion in Florida next winter (2015-2016). Give
me a shout if there is any interest. This is meant to include American civilian and military, Canadian civilian and military, and Danish Civilian and military.

12/23/2014 15:31:13

Name: Gene
Email: hq AT

I've gotten several problem reports about an issue in the What's New page. I've not been able to find anything amiss there. Could you email me at the address above with details if you're having a problem with What's New?


12/16/2014 22:38:35

Name: Ray Catlette
Email: rwcat AT

Painted dome at Saglek ...Sep 1969. Flew out on C119 to Goose Bay.

12/13/2014 15:08:16

Name: forrest b miller
Email: fbm237 AT

was station at h2 latter part of 1962 early 1963 as a construction electrician po3 seabee was in charge ofnaval switch boards and phone installaton seems to me what was called a airforce 310 detashment was stationed there

12/09/2014 09:40:02

Name: John Tianen
Email: jtianen AT

The Blue Byway in Ulm appears to have been the local service (NCO) club.

12/08/2014 22:19:00

Name: sue jusseaume
Email: suejusseaume AT

I am looking for a photo of the Blue Byway in Ulm, Germany. My father was in the Air Force and stationed in Ulm from 1952-1955 and he spoke often, and fondly of the Blue Byway. He passed away last February at the age of 81 and I am looking for a photo of the Blue Byway to give to my mother for Christmas. Can anyone help me with this? I appreciate any and all help. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!
Sue Jusseaume

12/07/2014 10:53:43

Name: Steve Spirnak
Email: sgtpepper13 AT

Tom: I did get your email (and one from Gene). My spam blocker notifies me what's in it, so I added you to my address book and we should be good now.

Anyone else: If you email me about this, put something in the message title that will alert me.


12/06/2014 12:35:12

Name: Tom Page
Email: historian AT

To Steve Spirnak: You sent me (and Gene) an email regarding memorabilia from Port Austin AFS that you saved back when the station closed. Unfortunately, I could not reply to your email since your 'Earthlink' spam blocker would not allow it. The short answer is, yes, our organization is interested in some of the memorabilia, particularly the photos and scrapbooks. (Gene can say about anything else.) I myself do not reside anywhere close to San Antonio, TX, where you are (and neither does Gene, although I believe he has in-laws in the Houston area). Anyway, maybe some of our members who reside in or near San Antonio could get with you to check out your collection? You and they can use this Guestbook to exchange notes, in case 'Earthlink' blocks them, too. Keep us informed, please. Thanks!

12/02/2014 18:07:10

Name: Howard J PHILLIPS
Email: h_j_phillips AT

My "Stations" 1946-1973: Tachikawa and Kashihawa Japan 1947/49--Roslyn NY 49/50-- Galena AK 50/51-- Kirtland AFB 51/52--Tierra Amarilla NM 52/53-- Rabat Morocco 53-55-- Kirtland AFB 55/57 (with extended TDY to Santa Monica Rand Corp)-- 57-58 West Mesa NM-- 58-60 Morocco (again). 60-61 Marietta GA--61-62 Saglek Labrador-- 62-66 Hamilton AFB-- 66-70 Kindsbach Germany-- 70/71 Fortuna ND-- 1971 Hofn Iceland-- 1972 Thule Greenland-- "offered" assignment to Australia but took Retirement instead- Malmstrom AFB MT.

12/01/2014 00:55:30

Name: Cody James Tillett
Email: Lpcoyote4 AT

My Grandfather, Lt. Col. James Burton Tillett passed away 01/05/2014. He was stationed in Puntzi Station 917TH AC&W according to a foot locker that we found at his house with a couple of base locations on it.I am just looking for any information. He served from 1951-1971 as a Radar Observer/ Navigator

11/29/2014 12:52:21

Name: David E. Casteel
Email: davidecasteel AT

Capt. Davis, I think I remember you from Mt. Hebo. I arrived there in Feb 1960, a very new 2Lt supposedly to be the Radar Maintenance Officer. Instead, I was an overage.

11/28/2014 18:09:00

Name: 2nd Lt.--Capt L. Jim Davis
Email: ljdtx2 AT

Guam 56-58 (includes weapons meet @ Naha, OKI (Yoza Dake), Red Bluff 58-59, Mt Hebo 59-60, Stead 60-61, Kotzebue/ Galena 61-62 w/schools Tyndall, SOS,
Richards Gebar(Sage-Weapons controller) then on to other non AC&W related fields. Be glad to elaborate if anyone is interested. Would appreciate hearing of others there when I was there. L. Jim Davis, USAFR-RET.

11/26/2014 23:40:57

Name: Ken Scheller
Email: kenms1949 AT

First time here. Was stationed at Ft Yukon AFS, Alaska in I believe 74 to 75

11/25/2014 19:27:58

Name: Jerry R. Owen
Email: jrowen27 AT

PLEASE,PLEASE contact me...I have put the wrong info in the site roster for the 822 cottonwood afs of 1960 thru 1962.
Feel free to call me at 662-342-6504. PLEASE HELP ME CORRECT THIS SACRILEDGE. Thank you
JR Owen afsn. 14703020