AN/TPS-75 Tactical 3D Radar

The AN/TPS-75 tactical 3-D radar is described as being an upgrade of the AN/TPS-43/70 family of radars and as featuring 'significantly' better electronic counter-countermeasures, increased performance and enhanced reliability and maintainability when compared with its predecessors. As such, it employs an ultra-low sidelobe antenna that is claimed to decrease sidelobe emission by 'more than' 50 per cent and to 'considerably reduce' the sensor's vulnerability to anti-radiation missiles. TPS-75 radar forms part of the US Air Force's (USAF) 'Seek Screen' effort which, when launched, was intended to provide the service with a 'viable surveillance and command, control and communications capability well into the 21st century'.
(Source: Jane's)

The following photos are of the training sets at Keesler AFB, MS.