AN/FPS-3, 3A, 3B; MPS-7

Ed. note: "Searching The Skies" describes the AN/FPS-3 as "... a modified version of the AN/CPS-5...". This statement is erroneous. The AN/FPS-3 was the beginning of a family of long range search radars - (see AN/FPS-3 Modification History Tree).

The first units came off the Bendix production line and were ready for installation in late 1950. Forty-eight of these L-band units were used within the first permanent network. The AN/FPS-3B incorporated an AN/GPA-27, which increased the search altitude to 65,000 feet. Installation of these modifications began in 1957.

The above photo is captioned: "Latest type heavy ground radar (AN/FPS-3) antenna shown in maintenance hangar at Ent AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado." The receiver and transmitter cabinets hang beneath the antenna, and rotate along with it. Contributed by Bob Spiers

The above photo is dated 1954. the caption reads "As the radar site (AN/FPS-3) sends forth its probing beam in a never-ending pattern of vigilance, a North American F-86D 'Sabre' jet roars off on an intercept mission". Contributed by Bob Spiers

MPS-7 Antenna Erection

from the December, 1953 "Contractor Maintenance Digest", a Bendix publication
contributed by Charles Egan, CMSgt USAF Ret

AN/FPS-3 Modification History Tree

Bendix Field Engineering historical document, mostly AN/FPS-3 related