Texas Towers # 2, # 3 and # 4, (Old Shaky)

15 Civilians & 17 U.S.A.F. Airmen Killed

(29 Lost At Sea)

This Citation is dedicated to those Brave Citizens both Military and Civilian who gave to Their Country, the Ultimate Sacrifice.  They had the Courage to do what had to be done and They did it.  We now Recognize their Valor and Heroism.  We will not Forget their Deeds.  We shall Never Forget Their Gallantry, Their Bravery, Their Dedication and Their Honor to this Nation.


We Honor Them and Thank Them and We extend to Their Families, Loved Ones and Fellow Workers, Our Deepest and Most Profound Gratitude.


From A Grateful Nation

In Remembrance



Mr. David W. Abbott

Mr. Milton D. Leo

Captain Gordon T. Phelan

S/SGT. Harry M. Shaffer

Mr. Vincent G. Brown

Mr. Raymond D. Martell

Captain Lewis V. Barker

S/SGT. John R. Bradstreet

Mr. Samuel Buccheri

Mr. Anthony Opalka

C.W.O. Owen L. Morgan

A/1C. William E. Krause

Mr. Chester J. Cudnik

Mr. Edward T. Robertson

M/SGT. Roald Bakke

A/1C. Larry V. Woolford

Mr. Thomas J. Evans

Mr. Henry Schutz

M/SGT. Troy F. Williams

A/2C. Domenic V. Giurastante

Mr. Aram Haroutunian

Mr. William Smythe

T/SGT. Bishop O. Foster

A/2C. Leland H. Jones

Mr. Arsen S. Haroutunian

Mr. Vincent A. Yavoroski

T/SGT. Donald R. Wait

A/2C. Louis M. Laino

Mr. William C. Ide


S/SGT. Kenneth H. Green

A/2C. David K. Parker



S/SGT. Wilbur L. Kovarick