Snelling AFS Details

Contributed by Mark Morgan, TSgt, Washington ANG

According to the 31 Jul-31 Dec 52 divisional history, the offices of the division commander were in Area A in bldg T-367; T-391 housed the chapel, theater and recreational facilities; T-345 housed the base photo lab; and T-360 served as the base infirmary. The Oct 50-Feb 53 historical summary indicated the division started occupying Area B as its operations center by early 1951 in and around assorted construction; I assume the barracks/offices/etc provided additional on-site spaces for the division, the 541st AC&WG and the 673rd AC&WS.

Area B - Dec 52 Minneapolis-St Paul/Fort Snelling Diagram

Area B - Dec 53 Minneapolis-St Paul/Snelling AFS Diagram