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30 SEP 60 TO 30 SEP 70




30 Sep 60

Commander, Major Edward Garrison. Portland Air Defense Sector (Adair AFS), 25th Air Division.

30 Sep 61

Used shotguns to blast ice buildup off the FPS-24 search radar antenna.

30 Sep 62

Construction of the first rigid radome for the FPS-24 search radar began. Installation of the FPS-26 height finder radar began.

1 Oct 62

Cuban Missile Crisis (another Cold War (1946-1991) event).

11 Oct 62

First FPS-24 rigid radome destroyed during construction in winds of 85 knots.

12 Oct 62

MPS-11 search radar damaged and inflatable radome destroyed in winds of 170 mph. Inflatable radome for the FPS-6 height finder radar destroyed.

15 Oct 62

Damage to FPS-24 antenna assessed and reported.

22 Oct 62

Air Defense Command (ADC) and 25th Air Division direct restoration of site radar systems.

31 Dec 62

Commander, Major Robinson

27 Aug 63

Dining Hall improvements completed.

31 Aug 63

Rigid radome installed by GEEIA on the FPS-18 Gap Filler radar at site Z-100A.

30 Sep 63

Installation of the second rigid radome for the FPS-24 was completed by the Southwestern Transfer Company under contract to General Electric. Depot Level Maintenance of radar systems at Gap Filler site Z-100A.

31 Dec 63

AS-505 radio antennas at the Ground/Air Transmitter/Receiver (GATR) Site replaced by AS-1097 radio antennas. Radar data from the FPS-24 and FPS-18 (Gap Filler radar at Z-100A) connected to the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system. MPS-11 shut down and prepared for removal.

31 Jan 64

Second FPS-24 rigid radome destroyed during high winds.

5 Aug 64

Vietnam Era (5 Aug 64 to 7 May 75)

1 Mar 65

Construction of a new, two-story, 89 man barracks underway.

31 Mar 65

Commander, Major (later LTC) Walter O. Reil. FPS-24 antenna damaged from ice and 100 knot winds. Antenna parts from the FPS-24 at Cottonwood, Idaho received as replacements.

3 May 65

Construction of additional pedestrian tunnels connecting site buildings begins.

30 Jun 65

New 89 man barracks about 55 percent complete. FPS-24 antenna damage can not be repaired without major overhaul. Site survey for the third FPS-24 rigid radome conducted.

1 Jul 65

Construction of the third FPS-24 rigid radome begins. Designated CW-798, this radome is a space frame design by ESSCO (now L3 Communications ESSCO).

30 Aug 65

During construction, many panels in the third FPS-24 radome are damaged by high winds.

11 Sep 65

Additional FPS-24 radome panels are damaged by high winds.

28 Sep 65

The third radome for the FPS-24 is complete, but some panels are still being repaired.

13 Nov 65

All damaged FPS-24 radome panels repaired by ESSCO.

31 Dec 65

High winds (90 knots) cause many tears in FPS-24 radome panel fiberglass where it joins the metal space frame. The new 89 man barracks is completed.

21 Jan 66

New FPS-24 rotary coupler installed during schedule depot level maintenance.

28 Jan 66

Many tears noted in FPS-24 radome panels. ESSCO has repaired most.

4 Mar 66

Meeting on-site concerning the condition of the FPS-24 radome and the Kroll Crane used for its maintenance. All spare FPS-24 radome panels to be stored at the Sacramento Air Logistics Center (SM-ALC) except for 15 that are to remain on-site for emergencies.

1 Apr 66

ADC Reorganization. 689th Radar Squadron becomes part of 25th Air Division at McCord AFB, WA. Radar and radio communications switch from Adair AFS (formerly HQs Portland Air Defense Sector) to McCord AFB.

7 Apr 66

Radar evaluation of the FPS-24 complete.

9 Apr 66

Manual telephone system replaced by a dial system.

3 May 66

FPS-24 down for antenna bearing failure after 9,918 operating hours. Bearing replaced by the end of May 66.

21 May 66

Over 300 people visit the site for Armed Forces Day. Four ship F-106 fly-by and Squadron Drill Team were real crowd pleasers.

8 Jun 66

ESSCO completes installation of a pressurization system for the FPS-24 radome. This pressurization system forced turbine fluid from the antenna bearing into the antenna turret.

17 Sep 66

NCO Dining In. BG John A Rouse (25 Air Division Cmdr) was guest speaker.

30 Sep 66

ESSCO completes on-site storage boxes for all spare FPS-24 radome panels.

4 Oct 66

ADC presents high value tube award for the FPS-24 power triode.

23 Nov 66

FPS-90 height finder IRAN completed (24 Oct to 23 Nov).

22 Dec 66

FPS-26 Depot Level Maintenance completed.

7 Mar 67

Completed ADC directed sealing of the FPS-24 antenna turret so that the radome can be pressurized without turbine fluid spray from the antenna bearing.

31 Mar 67

Some FPS-24 radome panels have more tears. Cracks noted in castings of base ring radome panels.

8 May 67

FPS-26 inspected by AVCO for modification into the FSS-7 SLBM detector.

9 Jun 67

FPS-26 transferred to AVCO for modification into the FSS-7.

30 Aug 67

Commander, LTC Raymond L. Warren

30 Sep 67

Stopped painting the FPS-24 rigid radome as part of scheduled DLM because of blistered paint on radome panels. FPS-90 and FSS-7 inflatable radomes are painted.

31 Dec 67

DLM of the FPS-24 rigid radome completed.

23 Jan 68

USS Pueblo captured by North Korea.

24 Feb 68

High winds from 18 to 24 Feb result in destruction of the third and final FPS-24 rigid radome. FPS-24 antenna is also damaged.

10 May 68

USAF and ADC decide to replace FPS-24 with the FPS-27 (from Miles City).

30 Jun 68

Over 175 tons of FPS-24 equipment removed from the site. OA-99 Plan Position Indicator (PPI) scopes replaced by OA-175 scopes.

15 Apr 69

US Navy EC-121 shot down by North Korea over the Sea of Japan.

30 Sep 69

FPS-27 installation completed. This includes modifications to the former FPS-24 building, and a new FPS-27 rigid radome,

24 Mar 70

Commander, Major Luther Westerfield.

31 Mar 70

GPA-98 electronic warfare training equipment operational. FSS-7 testing underway.

30 Sep 70

FSS-7 SLBM detector operational.