Findings Of Fact on McIntosh GFA (TM-177C) based on Information from FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Site) Report B08SD0857 dated December 1992

Site Name

McIntosh Gap Filler Annex (TM-177C) Site Location App. 4 miles northwest of McIntosh, Carson County, SD

Site History

On 29 December 1959, DOD acquired a total 5.68 acres for the McIntosh Gap Filler Annex, which was established to support the parent installation of Dickinson AFS, North Dakota. DOD improvements constructed in 1957 consisted of a concrete block gap filler building, one 500-gallon overhead fuel tank, one 5,000-gallon underground fuel storage tank, wood-frame sanitary latrine, security fencing, sidewalks and roads. ADC declared they no longer had a requirement for the real estate and improvements on October 1960, and reported them excess to GSA on 21 April 1961. The Air Force conducted salvage operations prior to disposal, and the site was quitclaimed to Mike and Lena Volk on 5 March 1962.

Current Use of Site at time of 1992 site visit

The present owners removed fuel tanks. The concrete block operations building is in a deteriorated condition.

Site Maps and Photographs

A Site Vicinity map and building location sketch were included in the report.