Tropo-scatter arrays at Highlands

The two Troposcatter dish antennas --- used for communications (radar data and voice) between Highlands AFS (Z-9) and Texas Tower No. 4 (TT-4) situated about 80 miles to the east --- were located atop the WW-II era coastal artillary battery. The two sets of antenna foundations may be seen in the Microsoft Virtual Earth "Bird's Eye" aerial imagery, shown below. The building with the Troposcatter transmitter and receiver radio equipment was located on the flat ground between the road on the west side of the battery and the west slope of the battery, located immediately south of the road that runs through the north gun-emplacement passageway. The waveguides were short, direct runs to the antennas.

Vintage photos of the two Tropo antennas at Montauk AFS, LI, NY --- virtually identical to those employed at Highlands AFS (and also virtually identical to the three at North Truro AFS, MA) --- may be viewed at

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Looking West