Gibbsoboro GFA, NJ (P-9A)
A "not-so-recent" "recent" photo

contributed by Tom Page

This is a vintage picture of Gibbsboro AFS as a long-range radar site -- but it is after the gap-filler annex had been deactivated. If it showed the GFA in operation (i.e., gap-filler radar on tower, Army radar site behind it), then it definitely would be a vintage photo. However, when the 772nd Radar Squadron transferred from Claysburg AFS to the Gibbsboro Army Radar Site, the gap-filler was decommisioned, and this photo is well after that date. Faced with this, I call this a "not-so-recent" "recent photo" ... even though it's not recent at all.But it is not a vintage photo either. It's in-between.

What I really want to show is the old GFA facility and its location with respect to the rest of the AFS. - Tom